How do I set tab space in Linux?

vimrc set up :set expandtab :set tabstop=4 # or you can do this :set tabstop=4 shiftwidth=4 expandtab # then in the py file in command mode, run :retab!

How do I set tab space?

Set Tab Stops

  1. On the Home tab, in the Paragraph group, choose Paragraph Settings.
  2. Click the Tabs button.
  3. Set the Tab stop position, choose the Alignment and Leader options, and then click Set and OK.

How do I set VI tab to 4 spaces?

Within Vim, type a colon and then “set tabstop=4” which will set the tabs to display as four spaces. Hit colon again and type “set expandtab” which will insert spaces for tabs. You can put these settings in a .

How do I reduce the size of a tab?

Right-click on your document and then click “Paragraph”. Click the “Tabs…” button (bottom left). Then change the “Default tab stops” (top right). If you want to set the size of a tab as a certain number of spaces then Microsoft Word 2010 doesn’t do it.

How do I change tab size in vi?

There are four main ways to use tabs in Vim:

  1. Always keep ‘tabstop’ at 8, set ‘softtabstop’ and ‘shiftwidth’ to 4 (or 3 or whatever you prefer) and use ‘noexpandtab’. …
  2. Set ‘tabstop’ and ‘shiftwidth’ to whatever you prefer and use ‘expandtab’.
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What is the normal tab spacing?

By default, a Word document has built-in tab stops at half-inch intervals. You can change the default spacing in a given document using the spin box in the top right corner of the Tabs dialog, but in general it is preferable to avoid using the built-in tab stops at all.

How many spaces is a tab?

When using tabs it’s important to keep in mind that tab characters represent the number of characters until the next 8 character tab stop. Sometimes we can approximate this idea by saying that tabs are equal to 8 spaces.

Is tab 4 a space?

22 Answers. A tab could be a different number of columns depending on your environment, but a space is always one column. In terms of how many spaces (or tabs) constitutes indentation, it’s more important to be consistent throughout your code than to use any specific tab stop value.

How do I change a tab to a space in Vim?

Open a file in vim and press F2 The tabs will be converted to 4 spaces and file will be saved automatically. This will give you two spaces per <TAB> press, but actual t in your code will still be viewed as 8 characters.

Where are vim settings?

Configuration. Vim’s user-specific configuration file is located in the home directory: ~/. vimrc , and Vim files of current user are located inside ~/. vim/ .

Which option is used for tab setting?

Answer: Usually the easiest way to set tabs is using the ruler bar. If you do not have the ruler displayed, display it as follows: Word 2003 and earlier: Click Ruler on the View menu. Word 2007: Check the box for Ruler in the Show/Hide group on the View tab.

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How long is a tab in inches?

To indent using the Tab key:

A quick way to indent is to use the Tab key. This will create a first-line indent of 1/2 inch. Place the insertion point at the very beginning of the paragraph you want to indent. Press the Tab key.

What is a tab stop position?

A tab stop is a horizontal position which is set for placing and aligning text on a page. There are at least five kinds of tab stops in general usage in word processing or in Microsoft Word. Left. text extends to the right from the tab stop.

How do I open a new tab in Vim?

That window can be moved to a new tab by pressing Ctrl-W T , and can be copied to a new tab with the command :tab sp (split the current window, but open the split in a new tab). You can type Ctrl-W c to close the current window.

How do I view tabs in Vim?

“tab:>-” will show a tab that takes four spaces as “>—“. When omitted, a tab is show as ^I. These characters are distinctive enough that they rarely appear literally in document text. To type these special characters into your vimrc , type Ctrl-v u 23CE while in Insert Mode, as explained in :help utf-8-typing .

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