How do I use reminders on iOS 13?

Where are my reminders iOS 13?

If you log into your iCloud account on the internet and click on the Reminders app, you should be able to see all the Reminders you had in place before you upgraded your app in iOS 13. From there, you can choose whether you’d like to restore them.

How do you effectively use Apple reminders?

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks To Use Apple Reminders Effectively

  1. Use Lists To Group Similar Tasks.
  2. Change The Color Of Your List.
  3. Share Your List With Other People.
  4. Hide & Unhide Completed Tasks In Reminders.
  5. Create Location-Based Reminders.
  6. Add New Reminders Using Siri.
  7. Change The Default Reminders List.

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How do I get reminders to pop up on my iPhone?

Set up iOS notifications in Settings > Notifications > Reminders. Turn on the Allow Notifications switch. For best results, turn on Show on Lock Screen and select Alerts under “Alert Style When Unlocked.” On your iPhone, to see a different Reminders list, tap the “stack” of lists at the bottom of the screen.


Why don’t my reminders work on my iPhone?

Turn off the Reminders app from iCloud, and then turn on it again. This seems stupid, but removing reminders from iCloud will also remove some notification errors, so, this simple solution sometimes works well. To do this, go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Reminders. Turn it off and turn it on.

What happened to my reminders on iPhone?

Make sure your Reminders app is turned on in Settings > (tap your name at the top) > iCloud > Reminders. … I see that your reminders disappeared after your iPhone updated and I’d like to help you. Make sure your Reminders app is turned on in Settings > (tap your name at the top) > iCloud > Reminders.

Why is my Reminders app not working iOS 13?

To fix this, let us turn it off and then back on from iCloud. Open Settings app → tap on your name card from top → tap on iCloud. Turn off the toggle for Reminders → Delete from My iPhone. After 30 seconds, turn the toggle back on and let iCloud sync everything again.

What is the best reminder app for iPhone?

Best reminder apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

  • Due.
  • Fantastical 2.
  • Clear.
  • Remember the Milk.
  • Todoist.
  • Things 3.
  • Microsoft To-Do.

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Do reminders on iPhone make a noise?

Ensure that ‘Sounds’ is enabled under ‘Reminders’ and ‘Timers’ in Due > Settings > Alerts & Badges. In iOS > Settings > Notifications > Due, ensure that ‘Allow Notifications’ and ‘Sounds’ are enabled. … Apart from Apple’s built-in Clock app, no other app can make any alert sound when your device is put on silent.

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How do I find reminders?

Create a reminder

  1. Open the Google Calendar app .
  2. In the bottom right corner, tap Create event. Reminder.
  3. Type your reminder, or choose a suggestion.
  4. Choose a date, time, and frequency.
  5. In the top right, tap Save.
  6. You’ll see the reminder in the Google Calendar app.

How do I get notifications back on lock screen?

Some notifications can also show on your lock screen and home screen.

Control how notifications show on your lock screen

  1. Open your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Apps & notifications. Notifications.
  3. Under “Lock screen,” tap Notifications on lock screen or On lock screen.
  4. Choose Don’t show notifications.

How do I get reminders on my home screen?

To create a reminder in the Google app:

  1. Tap Speak . Then, say “remind me to” and what you want to be reminded about.
  2. On the Home screen, tap More Reminders Add .
  3. In the search box, type remind me to followed by what you want to be reminded about.

How do I update reminders on my iPhone?

To upgrade, tap the Upgrade button next to your iCloud account in Reminders. (You may need to tap Lists at the top left to see your iCloud account.) Upgraded reminders are not backward compatible with the Reminders app in earlier versions of iOS and macOS. See Upgrading the Reminders app in iOS 13 or later.

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