You asked: How do I change the date on my Android photos?

Go to and click on any photo. Next click the “i” icon to open the Info page and then click the pencil icon next to the date to modify the date and time of that photo.

How do I change the date on my photos?

4. Change Photo Date with Windows File Explorer

  1. Select the photo you want to change, right-click the photo and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Under Date Taken you can simply enter the date or click the calendar icon. Notice that you cannot change the time.
  4. Press Apply.
  5. Press OK.

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How do I change the date on my Android?

Total Commander – file system – mark one or more files – long touch – properties – change the displayed date to what you need (there is also a “Now” button) – Save – voila !

How do you change photo info on Android?

At the bottom of the photo screen, you’ll see four options: share, edit, info, and delete. Go ahead and give the “Info” button a tap—it’s the little “i” in a circle. You’ll see the photo’s EXIF data displayed in a nice, readable format that includes the following data: Date and time taken.

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How do I change the date on photos on Samsung?

Also, the date editing option is only available on the Google Photos website and not inside their iPhone or Android apps (yet). Go to and click on any photo. Next click the “i” icon to open the Info page and then click the pencil icon next to the date to modify the date and time of that photo.

How do I remove the date from my photos?

Remove unwanted object (Android)

Get the app from the Google Play Store. Run the app; choose the photo that has a date stamp from your gallery and add it to the app. Select the date on the photo and tap the process button. Then the app will automatically delete it afterwards.

Why is the date on my phone wrong?

Go to settings, then to date & time under system, and select automatic date & time and automatic time zone. This should fix your problem.

How do I change the date and time on a folder?

Editing Files

Your editing options can be found under the “Actions” dropdown menu. You can change the file’s date and time as well as any file attributes by pressing F6 to bring up the options window. You can edit the details down to the second and you can adjust the file times by adding or subtracting time.

How can I change my date?

Fortunately, you can disable the Automatic date feature and change the date from the Android Phone’s Settings menu.

  1. Click the “Settings” button to open the Settings menu.
  2. Click the “Date & Time” option to open the Date & Time Settings menu.
  3. Click “Automatic” to deactivate the automatic date & time updates.
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How can I edit my photos like a professional?

  1. Develop a personal style. There is no “right” way of editing photos like a professional. …
  2. Choose a photo editing program. …
  3. Use filters and presets. …
  4. Take advantage of automatic modes. …
  5. Crop the scene. …
  6. Straighten lines. …
  7. Bring colors to life. …
  8. Adjust the white balance.

How do I change the order of pictures in my gallery?

If you’re on an album, you can just click select and rearrange the order of the photos.

Why do my photos have the wrong date?

If the camera had incorrect time settings at the time of shooting, the timestamp in the metadata (EXIF / IPTC) created by the camera will not be correct. However, File Date Corrector can consider this during the correction process of the original creation date (date taken) and correct it accordingly.

How do I add date and time to photos on Samsung?

Set Date and Time – Samsung Galaxy Camera®

  1. Select Set date.
  2. Adjust the date then select Set.
  3. Select Set time.
  4. Adjust the time then select Set.
  5. Select Select time zone.
  6. Select the time zone.
  7. If desired, select Use 24-hour format. Enabled when a check mark is present.
  8. Select Select date format.
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