How do I reset my media player on Android?

Press the Home button. Select Settings. Select Resetting. Select Reset to Factory Default Settings.

How do I reset my video player on Android?

Go to the Settings>Apps> and you can see a menu on the top right next to a search icon. Press the menu button and select “Reset app preferences“. This will change the settings of all the default players or apps.

How do I refresh media library on Android?

Select “Media Storage” and then tap on the “Storage” option. Select “Clear Data” and “OK” when the confirmation dialog appears. This will reset the Android Media Scan database.

What is the default video player for Android?

For Latest Android Versions

In order to change the video player in Android, launch settings in your Android phone. If you are using the latest version of Android (Lollipop), scroll down and you will see the “Default Applications” option under the “Applications” tab. Here, you will see your default video player app.

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How do you reset the music player on Android?

On Android

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap Apps or Application manager (depending on your device, this may be different).
  3. Tap Google Play Music Storage. Clear data.
  4. Sign in to your Play Music app. The Play Music app may take a few minutes to update.

How do I reset my MX Player settings?

Backup and restore setting tips for Mx Player

  1. Then click on general.
  2. Click on export.
  3. click ok.
  4. Now again open Mx player and click on import.
  5. Click on the saved file.

How do I set my default media player?

Right-click on the file type that you would always want to open in Windows Media Player, click Open with, click Choose default program, and then select Windows Media Player to set it as default for the selected file type.

Where do I find media storage in Android?

You can go to Settings > Apps > Apps > 3-dot menu > Show system process > search for Media Storage > tap Media Storage from the search result to access it.

What is media scanner service in Android? MediaScannerConnection provides a way for applications to pass a newly created or downloaded media file to the media scanner service. The media scanner service will read metadata from the file and add the file to the media content provider.

What happens if I clear data on media storage?

When you click “Clear Data” in Media Storage, all the app’s data, including the files produced during the using of the service, settings, accounts, database, and more will be deleted permanently (if you want to recover the deleted files, you can use the Android data recovery software – EaseUS MobiSaver to have a try).

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How do I fix a video not playing on my Android?

How to Fix Videos Not Playing On Android phone

  1. Restart/Reboot your device.
  2. Clear cache on your Android phone.
  3. Uninstall insecure apps on your mobile.
  4. Install VLC player/MX Player on the mobile phone.
  5. Update your Android OS.
  6. Uninstall Dubious Software.
  7. Get Stellar Repair for Video.
  8. Reset your app preferences.

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Go into settings/apps. Then find the gallery app. Select it. And under wipe cache,there should be an option for “clear defaults”.

How do I change my default music player on my Samsung?

You can change default app for music player by go to Settings -> Apps and clicking the app and click “Set Default” . If you cannot, then disable the default app. Then download new app. Make it default.

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