How do I find my archived messages on Facebook Android?

How do I find my archived messages on Facebook Messenger Android?


  1. Open Settings. . Click the blue, gear-shaped icon in the top-left corner of the page. …
  2. Click Archived Threads. It’s in the drop-down menu.
  3. Review your archived conversations. You’ll see a list of conversations on the left side of the page; these are all archived conversations.

3 янв. 2021 г.

Where do I find archived messages on android?

If a message has been archived, you can find it by opening the All mail label.

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Gmail app .
  2. In the top left, tap Menu .
  3. Tap All mail.

How do you find archived messages on Facebook?

To find your archived items, go to and select Archived from the menu items at the top.

How do I unarchive a message on Messenger Mobile?

How to unarchive messages on Facebook

  1. Click the gear icon in the Facebook Messenger window. Click the gear icon. Emma Witman/Business Insider.
  2. Select “Archived Chats.” Click “Archived Chats.” …
  3. Go to the chat, and respond or react to the thread, instantly undoing the archive action and moving the messages back to your primary inbox.
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21 янв. 2020 г.

Can I recover deleted Messenger messages?

If you have your messages archived in your Facebook Messenger app, then you get the chance to restore deleted Facebook messages easily. … Once you find the conversation, simply select it and press Unarchive Message option to unarchive it.

How do I unarchive a conversation on Facebook Messenger Android?

To unarchive

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your chat list.
  2. Tap Archived conversations.
  3. Tap on the chat and swipe to the right or tap and hold and select. Unarchive from the options at the top.
  4. You can quickly choose to undo through the alert on the bottom of the screen.

How do I find my archived messages on my Samsung?

Steps to undelete SMS from Samsung phone

  1. Step 1: Connect Your Android device. First, launch Android Data Recovery software on computer and choose ‘Data Recovery’
  2. Step 2: Choose file types to Scan. …
  3. Step 3: Preview and restore lost data from Android phone.

Where are archived messages stored?

Any message you’ve archived can be found by clicking the “All Mail” label on the left side of your Gmail page. You can also find a message you’ve archived by clicking on any other labels you’ve applied to it, or by searching for it.

How do you find hidden text messages on Android?

How to Access the Hidden Messages In Your Other Secret Facebook Inbox

  1. Step One: Open the Messenger App on iOS or Android.
  2. Step Two: Go to “Settings.” (These are in slightly different places on iOS and Android, but you should be able to find them.)
  3. Step Three: Go to “People.”
  4. Step Four: Go to “Message Requests.”
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7 апр. 2016 г.

How do you find archived messages on the Facebook app?

How to See Stories Archive in New Facebook App

  1. Open Facebook and tap the menu tab at the top right.
  2. Tap your profile name to view your profile.
  3. Now tap on 3 dots (More button).
  4. Select “Story Archive”.
  5. That’s it! You can now access your archived stories.

What happens to archived messages in Messenger?

On Messenger, archiving a conversation hides that message in the “archived” box. Deleting, on the other hand, permanently removes the message and its history.

What is Facebook archive?

Facebook Help Team

You can save and bookmark some of the things you see on Facebook to view later, like the links or videos your friends post, upcoming events, Pages or photos. You can also archive the things you have saved. These posts will appear under the “Archive” menu on your Save section.

How do I retrieve archived text messages?

Restore archived text conversations, calls or voicemails

  1. Open the Voice app .
  2. At the top left, tap Menu Archive .
  3. Touch and hold the conversation, call or voicemail that you want to restore. …
  4. At the top right, tap Restore conversations .

How do I unhide messages on messenger?

To unhide messages on the Messenger app:

  1. Open the Messenger app.
  2. In the Search at the top, type in the person name.
  3. Once you see the person’s profile, tap on it.
  4. Type a message and send it.
  5. It will automatically unhide the chat.

2 янв. 2021 г.

How do you unarchive messages on android?

You can move archived conversations back to your Home screen.

  1. Open the Messages app .
  2. Tap More. Archived.
  3. Touch and hold each conversation that you want to restore.
  4. Tap Unarchive .
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