How do I access TCS from Outlook on Android?

How can I open TCS email on Android?

Download TCS Webmail App

  1. Open your mobile web browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  2. Open the TCS Webmail website.
  3. Access the ‘Utilities’ section.
  4. Open the Appmart.
  5. Resgister for TCS Ultamatix.
  6. Install TCS Ultamatix on your mobile device.

How do I access TCS webmail on mobile?

You need to select Lotus Webmail here in order to get to the TCS Webmail Page. Now, you can enter your username and password and access your emails on IOS or Android devices. Through Citrix Receiver, you will be able to access you TCS emails with the help of any device outside TATA consultancy systems.

How do I open webmail on my phone?

Setting Up Webmail on Android Mobile Phones & Devices

  1. First, you need to navigate to the “setup new account” function. This is most likely in mail, press the menu button, and choose add new account. …
  2. Next fill in your incoming server settings: Email Address: This is your full email address. …
  3. Now fill in your outgoing server settings:
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How do I open a TCS email on my iPhone?

How Do I Set up a TCS Email Box on iOS?

  1. The very first, take your iPhone and visit the app store.
  2. Locate the app so-called Citrix receiver app by taking the help of an in-built search bar.
  3. Once you have been identified, you are requested to tap or click on the install [green] button without any fail.
  4. Wait till the whole process gets completed successfully.

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How do I open TCS in Outlook Mobile?

How to access TCS Webmail • In order to login TCS webmail page, you have to first download app called Citrix Receiver on your Android or Apple Mobile • It is available free on Google play store and apple app store.

How do I access my TCS email?

To Access Tcs webmail, You have to download Citrix Workspace app from google playstore or app store. 2. After installing open the app and land on the login page i.e. Netscaler Gateway ( Login page of Tata consultancy service app) 3. Now just fill the ultimatix credentials to login into your account.

How can I download TCS timesheet app?

How to download and Install TCS Ultimatix Touch App on Android Phone and iOS

  1. First of all, go to mobile web browser (either it is Google chrome or Opera or any other browser) and open TCS Ultimatix website.
  2. Access the ‘Utilities’ section.
  3. Open the Appmart.
  4. Register for TCS Ultimatix.

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How do I access webmail from home?

How to access your email account using webmail

  1. Enter your email address (for example, and password.
  2. Click Login.
  3. Click the logo or Read Mail Using for the webmail application you wish to use to access your email.
  4. If you are not sure which webmail application you should use, read our Which Webmail Application Should I Choose?
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How can I contact TCS?

Queries, if any including request for authentication of job offers, may be addressed to or you may also connect with TCS Careers Serviceline on the toll free number 1800-209-3111.

How do I view webmail on Android?

Steps to connect your Webmail Account On Android:

2- Go to the settings of the Email/Mail Application. 3- Choose ‘add account’. 4- The Mail Options will allow you to setup with POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (IMAP is strongly recommended as it allows users to sync & view their emails on multiple devices).

How do I setup my email on my Android phone?

Go to Settings > Add account > Other. Enter your full email address and then tap Manual Setup > Exchange. Enter your password and tap Next. Make sure your full email address appears.

What is difference between email and webmail?

Email, which is short for electronic mail, refers to a method used to send messages between one person to another. … Webmail, which is accessible through any web browser, makes it possible to send and receive email without special software as long as an internet connection is available.

How do I access TCS webmail Quora?

Click on Lotus webmail. Give Mail ID and Password and Login. Hi, you can access your TCS email outside using, as long as your working.

How do I download Citrix Receiver?

Navigate to in a web browser, then click Download Receiver. The newest version available would be Receiver 4.6. Find the downloaded file and launch it. Check the box next to “I accept the license agreement”, then click Next.

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How do I attach a file in Citrix Receiver?

Navigate to the folder to which you’d like to upload a file in your ShareFile account, and click Upload Files in the upper right corner of the page. 2. On the next screen, drag and drop the files you wish to upload from your computer folder or desktop to the box on the screen. 3.

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