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Choosing An Optical Drive When Building Your Own Pc

New laptop or workstation computers have to be in the plan this year. Perhaps there is a plan to replace a number of computers every year. Show what departments or employees will get new computers this year. Show how long they are in service and why the need to be replaced. Tell how long they are expected to last before Read More

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Computer Guy Shares Personal Experience On Computers

The 00 laptop that most of my clients end up buying is tailored to last 3 – 4 years, with contented computing along the way. Ok, maybe we’ll have to reload Windows at the 2 year point to regain that new computer performance, but at least it can be done. So briefly: computer hardware is the physical computer that you Read More

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Taking Proper Care Of Your Computer Cds And Dvds

Like Goldilox and the three Bears, the major trick to buying technology is buying during the “stable middle” period of the technology. This will give you the most stability and longevity with the technology, after prices have settled down. If you’re sending your resume to multiple companies they often outsource their employment function. If these companies work in the similar Read More