Ubuntu System Requirements

For those who are considering installing Ubuntu on a computer at their work facility or in their home, there are some things that they will need to know. From keeping abreast of their updates to knowing what requirements are needed on the user’s computer, people who want to use this operating system on a new or used or computer will need to know the basics. I know a lot of sites are using Ubuntu, right now i am testing 2 websites http://deadseaserum.com and http://magicspa.net.   Lets see how it goes.

While some people may want to install the operating on an older computer in their homes, others may be looking forward to installing it on a new computer for software development. In either situation, there are some ubuntu system requirements that must be adhered to if the operating system is going to be installed correctly. Some users may recommend the minimum amount of requirements.  For instance, if the user would like to maintain optimum performance, they will need a Pentium 3, with 256 MegaByes of RAM. Though there are more powerful computers on the market today, users who want to install this version on an older computer can use it for a wide diversity of things.

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