Top Ubuntu pre-installed Laptop companies

Though Ubuntu has become a successful operating system in its own right, some consumers may have a hard time finding a laptop with the program pre-installed.  There are a few desktop units that will feature this program, but some consumers will want to look in to how they can actually get a laptop with this option.  This will provide people with the chance they need to get started with this system as soon as they boot their laptop.

Zareason is a company that has been drawing in some attention in the tech community lately.  This is because they are one of the most high tech laptop makers committed to using Ubuntu on their devices.  This will help many users get started, even if they aren’t completely familiar with how to operate this program.

Many other consumers will want to try out the ThinkPC, which was just founded in 2009.  They are already on the cutting edge of tech development, so users will want to try them out for themselves.  They are well known for their Think Penguin series, which offers some very affordable models for people out there.  Many of these units can be ordered with Ubuntu installed on them, which will be appealing to many users.

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