Dual Booting With Windows And Ubuntu

The main advantage of having a dual boot system using both Ubuntu and Windows 7 is that if one of the operating systems fails the user can still access their data by booting up their computer using the other system. This can ensure that important documents and files are not lost in the event of a system failure. This job is not for the babies , it isĀ  for somebody who knows what he is doing.

Although it will not make the computer faster it does allow the user to continue working on their computer while running programs such as anti-virus software. This can save the user a great deal of time when compared to using one operating system where programs such as this would require the user to stop using the computer when running this type of program.

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system and is a popular choice for dual booting with Windows 7 because it is easy to use and is suitable for beginners. Ubuntu is also able to recognize Windows files which makes recovery of these files even easier if this is required.

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