Adding Gui and Ubuntu Web Server




Most techies may described Ubuntu as a free linux based operating system that can be used by both novice and seasoned users. However, when it is being explored as a Web Server, it can take a wide array of expertise to understand the functionality. In fact, the people who use this alternative as a Web Server resource must be familiar with writing command lines to perform various types of activities. Without this knowledge, people will find it difficult to use.  To make this job easier, some techies have asked about adding a GUI interface.

Adding a Gui interface for a Ubuntu Web Server would make it easier because it will eliminate the need for knowing and understanding how to use common lines. Instead the user will simply navigate through the server processes by using a friendly interface that’s simple to understand. However, some computer technicians may question the need for including GUI for Web server, but with a little extra work and research it can be done.


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