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Ubuntu System Requirements »

For those who are considering installing Ubuntu on a computer at their work facility or in their home, there are some things that they will need to know. From keeping abreast of their updates to knowing what requirements are needed on the user’s computer, people who want to use this operating system on a new […]

Ubuntu for Smartphones »

Though Android has the biggest advantage in mobile device development and functionality, there are other alternative operating systems that are effective as well. Whether the user has an smartphone or a tablet, there are operating systems like Ubuntu that can handle the mobile world and the features that users want and desire. Since Ubuntu is […]

Top Ubuntu pre-installed Laptop companies »

Though Ubuntu has become a successful operating system in its own right, some consumers may have a hard time finding a laptop with the program pre-installed.  There are a few desktop units that will feature this program, but some consumers will want to look in to how they can actually get a laptop with this […]

System Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu »

System monitoring tools for ubuntu are essential for users who want to track their available resources. From evaluating how much RAM the user needs in order to perform various system functions to searching for specific hardware installations, ubuntu has tools that can assists with numerous maintenance needs. Conky set up and screenlet are two of […]

Dual Booting With Windows And Ubuntu »

The main advantage of having a dual boot system using both Ubuntu and Windows 7 is that if one of the operating systems fails the user can still access their data by booting up their computer using the other system. This can ensure that important documents and files are not lost in the event of […]

Benefits of Using Ubuntu »

Many people have a preferred operating system, while others may not be able to tell an individual what operating system that they are using. Even though this is an issue that is normally addressed by the techies, the operating system that a person uses can make the difference between premium performance and a whole array […]

Adding Gui and Ubuntu Web Server »

    Most techies may described Ubuntu as a free linux based operating system that can be used by both novice and seasoned users. However, when it is being explored as a Web Server, it can take a wide array of expertise to understand the functionality. In fact, the people who use this alternative as […]