Ubuntu System Requirements

For those who are considering installing Ubuntu on a computer at their work facility or in their home, there are some things that they will need to know. From keeping abreast of their updates to knowing what requirements are needed on the user’s computer, people who want to use this operating system on a new or used or computer will need to know the basics. I know a lot of sites are using Ubuntu, right now i am testing 2 websites http://deadseaserum.com and http://magicspa.net.   Lets see how it goes.

While some people may want to install the operating on an older computer in their homes, others may be looking forward to installing it on a new computer for software development. In either situation, there are some ubuntu system requirements that must be adhered to if the operating system is going to be installed correctly. Some users may recommend the minimum amount of requirements.  For instance, if the user would like to maintain optimum performance, they will need a Pentium 3, with 256 MegaByes of RAM. Though there are more powerful computers on the market today, users who want to install this version on an older computer can use it for a wide diversity of things.

Ubuntu for Smartphones

Though Android has the biggest advantage in mobile device development and functionality, there are other alternative operating systems that are effective as well. Whether the user has an smartphone or a tablet, there are operating systems like Ubuntu that can handle the mobile world and the features that users want and desire.

Since Ubuntu is a stable environment for a wide diversity of applications, many users in the development community may prefer the architecture that it brings to the table. With versions 12.x and higher, its reengineering is idea for touch screen functionality and it runs efficiently on numerous electronic devices. Users who have tablets and multi-core high-end smartphones can also benefit greatly. Because these users can open multiple tabs in their browsers and several applications simultaneously, they often consider it a major plus. When updates are available, the Ubuntu operating system allows the user to obtain them via an over-the-air platform.for smartphones.

Top Ubuntu pre-installed Laptop companies

Though Ubuntu has become a successful operating system in its own right, some consumers may have a hard time finding a laptop with the program pre-installed.  There are a few desktop units that will feature this program, but some consumers will want to look in to how they can actually get a laptop with this option.  This will provide people with the chance they need to get started with this system as soon as they boot their laptop.

Zareason is a company that has been drawing in some attention in the tech community lately.  This is because they are one of the most high tech laptop makers committed to using Ubuntu on their devices.  This will help many users get started, even if they aren’t completely familiar with how to operate this program.

Many other consumers will want to try out the ThinkPC, which was just founded in 2009.  They are already on the cutting edge of tech development, so users will want to try them out for themselves.  They are well known for their Think Penguin series, which offers some very affordable models for people out there.  Many of these units can be ordered with Ubuntu installed on them, which will be appealing to many users.

System Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu

System monitoring tools for ubuntu are essential for users who want to track their available resources. From evaluating how much RAM the user needs in order to perform various system functions to searching for specific hardware installations, ubuntu has tools that can assists with numerous maintenance needs. Conky set up and screenlet are two of the tools that can assist with displays, systems resources and small widgets. For instance, if the user would like to customize their desktop with differently designed RAM and CPU monitors, they can choose the type that they like and prefer.

Since a picture of graphs and tables can provide the user with a quick snap shot of the CPU, Memory and network properties, the user can use the system monitor to obtain a brief overview. Therefore, when there are problems that occur, the user can do the maintenance needed quickly and then return to their regular processes.

Dual Booting With Windows And Ubuntu

The main advantage of having a dual boot system using both Ubuntu and Windows 7 is that if one of the operating systems fails the user can still access their data by booting up their computer using the other system. This can ensure that important documents and files are not lost in the event of a system failure. This job is not for the babies , it is  for somebody who knows what he is doing.

Although it will not make the computer faster it does allow the user to continue working on their computer while running programs such as anti-virus software. This can save the user a great deal of time when compared to using one operating system where programs such as this would require the user to stop using the computer when running this type of program.

Ubuntu is a Linux based operating system and is a popular choice for dual booting with Windows 7 because it is easy to use and is suitable for beginners. Ubuntu is also able to recognize Windows files which makes recovery of these files even easier if this is required.

Benefits of Using Ubuntu

Many people have a preferred operating system, while others may not be able to tell an individual what operating system that they are using. Even though this is an issue that is normally addressed by the techies, the operating system that a person uses can make the difference between premium performance and a whole array of unnecessary problems.

Even though large audiences of users install main stream operating systems like Windows on their computers, many people may not be aware of the great alternatives that they have in the industry. One of which is Ubuntu free OS. Ubuntu is a linux based system that is offered free via their official site. This operating system is an awesome alternative to many operating systems because there are loads of benefits that comes with each version. Some of the top benefits are listed below:

Friendly User Interface

The interface that Ubuntu offers is very user friendly since it is easy to understand and navigate. It is also intuitive, which makes it is easy to follow and move from one screen or software application to another. Therefore, people who are familiar with operating systems like Windows usually find it simple to learn without formal training.

Simple to Install

Another benefit to using Ubuntu as one of the top operating systems is it simple to install. The operating system can be copied to a CD or DVD and then installed in a few basic steps. With some operating systems, the user will need a significant amount of systems resources before they can consider an installation. However, when a users wants to install Ubuntu, they will only need the minimum amounts of ram, processor resources and video card specifications to accommodate the installation.

Adding Gui and Ubuntu Web Server




Most techies may described Ubuntu as a free linux based operating system that can be used by both novice and seasoned users. However, when it is being explored as a Web Server, it can take a wide array of expertise to understand the functionality. In fact, the people who use this alternative as a Web Server resource must be familiar with writing command lines to perform various types of activities. Without this knowledge, people will find it difficult to use.  To make this job easier, some techies have asked about adding a GUI interface.

Adding a Gui interface for a Ubuntu Web Server would make it easier because it will eliminate the need for knowing and understanding how to use common lines. Instead the user will simply navigate through the server processes by using a friendly interface that’s simple to understand. However, some computer technicians may question the need for including GUI for Web server, but with a little extra work and research it can be done.